system manual


This tool shows in real time google trends for any given currency name. In order to use it and trade crypto-currencies succesfully, we need to understand only a few basics. It is not a rule, but happens very often that just before price goes up or down, there is a strong indication from google trends. Please, be aware that this tool is only a help, and should not be used solely as a market prediction, although…. sometimes it’s more than enough.
  • cap – market cap
  • vol – market volume
  • US– price in usd
  • B – price in BTC
  • 12% – usd price change

Trends explained

  • 18 – shows average 24hrs trend
  • 100 – shows current trend  ( value from 0 to 100)
  • 456% – shows current trend change vs daily average

Peaks explained

  • (1) this value shows amount of recent peaks, and is an indication of growing trend, bigger number translates to uptrend
  • 16:48 is a time of most recent trend
Just as an example below is trend for LUNYR and change in price according to coincapmarket, just before price went up, there was increase in google trend for LUNYR



System is currently free to use for anyone, we’d like to keep it that way, all donations from successful traders are welcome, should anyone need an API, please contact us directly.





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